Friday, July 20, 2007

I am a.....

I am nominated for this Rockin' Girl award twice. I am tagged by my online friend Nancy (hope you don't mind me calling you my friend, sweetie), and by June who I met through the Caardvark challenges. THANKS girls! Usually I don't like to be tagged, but this time I am honored. LOL! I now have to nominate 5 of my favorite bloggers. Well, here goes...

1. Lisette, my sister-in-law living Down Under
2. Mandy, a talented girl from my town
3. Charlotte, my lost penpal from Denmark
4. Lusi, a talented scrapper from Australia
5. Zab, a great scrapper from France

If you are not on my list don't think that I don't like your blog. I have a very long list of favorite blogs, but I can only nominate 5.

Have a nice weekend!


Lusi :) said...

Thanks so much Ingrid!!!!!! I think you rock too!!!!!
Lots of love
lusi x

charlotte said...

Ohh - thank you very much Ingrid!! You're one of my favourite bloggers too ... but I guess I can't nominate you again. he he!! :)

((Hugs)) Charlotte

zab said...

wow ! I'm so honored !!!!
Thanks soooooo much !
You rock too

mum on the run said...

Congrats Ingrid and the other 5 nominees :)

I know how hard it is to pick too Ingrid, it took me ages to choose just five of my fave blogs!!

Lisette said...

Thanks SIL... after just one week being part of the public blogging world. I'm honoured. I don't think I know of 5 others that haven't received the tag yet...