Thursday, March 1, 2007

So delicious

Today is my first day off. I am officially employed until April 1st, but I had so many vacation days left that I could take March off. When I went shopping this morning I ran into these American Cookies at Hema. They are so yummy! Not really good for someone who is supposed to be on a diet and definitely not in Sonja Bakker´s diet book, but I thought my first day off was a good reason to treat myself. I guess I can always think of a reason to treat myself, but this one is pretty valid. Don´t you think? For the Dutch readers of my blog, if you have never had these chocolate cookies from Hema.....go there. The cookies are on special offer this week. :-)


tanja said...

ohhh jammie!!! ik wil ook die cookies!
groetjes Tanja

Anonymous said...

O wat gemeen net nu ik in zo'n snaaibui ben kom jij met zo'n lekkere koekjes. Dat word dus geen bezoek aan de hema.

Groetjes Anja

Brigitta said...

you have to have a "sas dag" every now and again Ingrid, fortunately my WW allows for these little extravagencies