Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I am a bit quiet at the moment. Not much going on here. I am having a cold and it feels like I get the flu. Hopefully that won´t happen, because I have a scrap event on Saturday.

I started on a few scrap projects in the past two weeks, but I am stuck at the moment. Nothing to do with lack of inspiration this time, but with lack of pictures. I ordered lots of pictures and hopefully they will arrive soon, because I simply can´t scrap without pictures. There are people who can prepare layouts or mini albums and add pictures later, but I am not one of them. Of course I have piles of pictures, but I want to work with some recent ones.

The weather is beautiful at the moment. It seems like spring finally arrived. I made this picture in our garden today.


MaMaLoT said...

Oeh, hope you're nog getting the flu Ingrid!
Maybe you can surf on the internet to get some inspiration?

Monique said...

Hope you will feel better tomorrow!

Miranda said...

Hope you will feel better soon Ingrid!
And thanks for your comment and your vote!! I appreciate it very much!!