Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Red, White and Blue

Dutch Dare #10 will already be posted tomorrow, so I quickly had to finish Dare #9.

The national flag of The Netherlands, with its three equal horizontal bands coloured red (top), white and blue is the oldest tricolour still in use today. However it was not the country's first flag. The first version of the Netherlands flag was orange white and blue. There are many speculations why the colour changed from orange to red, sailors at sea could see the red better than the orange which due to colourants tended to fade more easily, there was a lack of orange colourant, or perhaps the house of Orange was not as popular those days.
Most likely however is that the French changed the colours of our flag when the invaded our country in 1794

We would like you to create a lay out, or other little project using the colours of your flag.

When I read this Dare I knew immediately that I wanted to create a new cover for a mini book that I had in mind. I already created the cover of an album about 2 months ago, but I wasn´t happy with the outcome at all. The handmade album itself was okay, but the choice of patterned papers and embellishments didn´t represent my style. Not that I have already developed an own style, but the book wasn´t me.....if you know what I mean. The colors of this Dare´s theme fit much better with the pictures of the 1-day boat trip that we made in July last year. I haven´t had much time to scrap in the past two weeks, so I only created the front cover of the mini book. The rest of the book will be finished soon. I first need to order some new pictures.


Daffie Online said...

this is looking good!
Love that the word "varen" is not straight...to get that sailing feeling

Mandy said...

Geweldig mooie cover Ingrid, past allemaal zo goed bij elkaar! Ben benieuwd naar de rest!

D@nielle said...

oooh mooi zeg, can't wait to see the rest of the book !

Monique said...

oh wat een Hollands schatje! De binnenkant wordt ook vast prachtig!