Sunday, February 11, 2007

My own Andy Warhol

As a scrapper it is great to have a partner who has photography as a hobby. Eric loves to take pictures and that makes a perfect combination with my scrapbooking. One of his other passions related to photography is editing pictures using Photoshop Elements. I am so glad he does, because I really have no clue of PSE at all. Last night and today he edited pictures of me and our girls in Andy Warhol style.
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Anonymous said...

They are really great Ingrid.

groetjes Anja

Lisette said...

Ik kan de foto's niet zien, of ligt dit aan mij...?

Monique said...

How cool!!! Do we share the same husband??? hahahaha Mine is called Erik and the camera is his good company. He loves all the editing stuff for video/dvd/photography but since I'm interested in the PSE he doesn't do the photo=editing stuff...
Love the Warhol style; will be looking good in your new room!

Lisette said...

Nu kan ik de foto's wel zien, heb je er iets aan veranderd? Ik vind vooral die van jou, Ingrid erg mooi.