Saturday, February 10, 2007

6 Months

When you are a 4-year and 6-year old you hardly have any notion of time. Mid January we booked our summer holiday to France. We told the girls that we booked a mobile home at Camping Les Ecureuils in St. Hilaire de Riez, France for this summer and they were very excited. Of course they wanted to know when this trip will take place, and we told them they have to wait for another 6 months. They really have no idea how long that is, so they keep asking me about it. Especially Sanne (4) is very interested. She asks me weekly "Mommy, when is it 6 months? May I look at your watch to see when it is 6 months?". I think it is funny that she thinks that when the big or little hand points to 6 the 6 months are over. Unfortunately it doesn't go that fast, so I guess I will be asked many, many times again.


Miranda said...

Maybe you can make them a calendar, so they can cross off each day to the vacation. Then they can see how far away it is and live to it!