Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last working day

Today I had my last working day. Fortunately it wasn´t as emotional as I thought it would be although there were some very nice e-mails from international colleagues that brought a lump to my throat. I got a bunch of roses from my executives, and a bunch of tulips, a card with lovely notes and a gift coupon of my favourite scrapbook store from a few Dutch secretaries. My manager Sietze took me and my colleague Sonja out for lunch at Hotel Artemis. I had a delicious club sandwich. Yummy!! Sietze will also organize a farewell dinner on March 16th. My 3 executives will be there as well as my colleagues Marjan and Sonja. I am sure that my farewell party will be more emotional. It wasn´t an easy decision to resign, but I am still convinced that it was the right thing to do. I feel so much better than a few months ago. I will first take a break and enjoy my time off, and then look for a nice job closer to home.


Brigitta said...

what a day girl!! just enjoy your new found freedom with hubby and daughters and when the time is right somthing new will come along!! LOVE those rose btw ;-)

Lilian Schneider said...

Good luck to you girl! Just see where the road will take you.