Thursday, August 23, 2007

Work in progress

Not too much to tell, and even worse.....nothing to show. You all know I started in my new job last Monday, and I have to get used to the fact that I have less time to scrap and do other things. The first days in a new job are always exhausting, so I mostly spend my evenings on the couch or surfing the internet. I really like my new job! They are very glad that I joined them, and I feel so welcome. I know for sure that I made the right choice.

Right now I am surrounded by cardstock, papers, stamps, doodle templates, Prisma pencils and flowers. I have to prepare a few make & takes for this weekend. It is the grand opening at Dolls & Decorations this weekend. The store will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 4pm. I will be there on Saturday and give some make & takes. The new store is awesome with LOTS of yummy goodies.

Last evening we had a meeting in Almere to talk about this weekend's make & take program. Bonnette would go as well and since we live pretty close to each other she suggested to travel together. I really enjoyed our drive to Almere....and back. Needless to say, we didn't talk about anything else other than scrapbooking. Bonnette loves talking about scrapbooking. She had some great and inspirational ideas, and while talking to her I realized I have to scrap more about our every day life, and add more journaling to my pages. I usually scrap a layout that includes one picture and a title, and I often wonder if I will ever do that layout in an album. So from now on I will try to really tell a story, and put more effort into my journaling. A great example of scrapping the every day life is Revlie. Her scrap style is different than mine, but I love her designs and so enjoy reading her funny stories. Last week I had a similar conversation with my scrap friend Mandy. She told a funny story about her 18-month old boy. We both agreed that we should scrap such stories more often and guess what she did......She made a great page about the story she told me. Go and check the story on her blog.

I also started on reorganizing my scraproom. Like all scrappers I have way too much stuff, and I am not really happy with the way I stored my goodies. I now have to find a way that works better for me. I will also be reorganizing my blog. I won't change the look of it, because I am happy with it, but I will be labeling my posts in a different way. Well, lots of things to do. So.....if you miss me, you know what I am doing. :-)


~Nancy~ said...

You are soooo right about journaling on your pages. I used to finish my pages without any journaling.. but now I'm trying to write something down and put it on the page.. just to let us remember those little things that happened that same day. Wishing you good luck with your new job in the next couple of weeks.. One week has already flown by.. and I'm so happy everything worked out perfectly for you!

Wish I had more time this weekend.. otherwise I would definitely have come to Dolls!! Maybe next time.. (and we'll definitely pick a date to crop together with Mandy after my vacation.. that's for sure!)

XOXO Nancy

Wati Basri said...

me too...have not been scrapping for the past 2 weeks! hope to get some scrapping done this wk! :)

Je@net said...

Ja, et duurt ff voor je weer in et ritme zit hè!
Maar voor je et weet vliegen jouw prachtige lootjes en boekjes ons weer om de oren ;-)

Verheug me erop om je morgen te zien! Tot dan!

Anonymous said...

Fijn dat je nieuwe baan goed bevalt, Ingrid. Heb zin in morgen, zie je bij Dolls, XxX Hanneke.

Leontine said...

I always have the same feeling after my holidays. Then I am so exhausted at the end of the day. But working is also part of my life and I love my job. For journaling on my pages: I try do it more and more. No complete and large stories, but a few lines. Just to let go of my feelings I guess.

scrapgek!!!!!! said...

ik hoor het al...druk druk druk!!! zo'n nieuwe baan is toch weer even wennen he? maar wel fijn dat je het zo naar je hebt! en dat scrappen komt vast wel weer! ik zie je morgen! heb er zin in! groetjes marije.

Birgit said...

Glad you like your new job!! and meeting up with Bonnette is always fun!! Enjoy your weekend at dolls!

Eminepala said...

hi girl

I updated my blog with dawn's workshop pictures.. tell me which one do you want me to send to you... Or you can just copy and save it ;)


Lilian Schneider said...

You are a real busy bee at the moment Ingird. Glad to read that you enjoy your new job. i can imagine that it takes some time to adjust to having less time for other things.
I love journaling on layouts, I always read all the journaling the American scrappers have on their layouts in the Creating Keepsakes, it's so inspiring!

rev said...

always fun to make other people to journal more about the everyday life LOL. thankx! found your blog finally :)

Ice-Angel said...

thnx for your great workshop, and it was fun to see you, again LOL ;-)

charlotte said...

Oh yes, the first days on a new job is really exhausting! I'm so glad to hear that you like your new work. :-) ... and more time for scrapping is badly needed when you work, right!? I want to have more hours in the day so I can do everything I want to do after going home from work! ... I think most people feel that way!

And you are so right about the journaling. It is very important to document the story behind the photos. I always write something on my LOs when I make a page. Sometimes there's a lot of journaling, other times just a tiny bit. I look forward to see what you'll come up with on your future layouts.

I hope you had fun at the Dolls store. And I wish you a very nice Sunday!


Mandy said...

Hey! So fun we both feel we want to scrap more about the every-daystuff! Hope you'll have more energy in the evenings soon... great that you feel so welcome in your new job!!

Marsha said...

sterkte met het her-inrichten van je scrapruimte ;-)

Frumpies world said...

Hey girl, because of my vacation i totally missed the fact you started work again!! So sorry to not have been able to wish you luck and much fun, enjoy your work. I will see you soon, love, Wendy.