Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As of today I will finally have a scraproom. Well, it won't be a scraproom only, but also a computer room and a room where Eric can store his books. So one half of the room is meant for Eric and the other half is mine. :-) I am so glad that I will finally have a place to store all my scrapbook stuff. And believe is a LOT! Now everything is in baskets, bags and a cabinet in the girls' play room, and needless to say that doesn't work. I sometimes have to look for a tool, embellishments, etc. over and over again, and in the end I find it in the bag or basket where I already looked 10 times but apparently not well enough. The cabinetmakers are now busy assembling the desk, bookshelfs and cabinets. I can hardly wait till it is all finished. Of course I will show some pictures either today or tomorrow.


Miranda said...

I'm so curieus, how your room will look!

Monique said...


Brigitta said...

you lucky girl!! I have all my scrapstuff downstairs in the livingroom, bought a bookcase to put all my stuff in and now my dd and I can scrap whenever we want, even when we have friends around (the real ones don't mind sitting at the big table while we're scrapping and chatting away ;-))