Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today was D-Day. The day I would tell my boss that I had decided to resign from my job. It wasn´t an easy decision and it definitely wasn´t easy to tell him. I have been working with him since I joined the company in January 1998, and he is really a great person to work with. I went to the office earlier than usual as I wanted to speak with him prior to my performance meeting which was also scheduled for today. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes (!) to get to the office, which made me realize I have taken the right decision to leave the firm. Travelling to Amsterdam on the A2 during rush hour is terrrible. Well, needless to say, it was a very emotional meeting.....for me. As soon as I told him that one sentence "I resign from my job" I bursted into tears. I knew that would happen and I don´t feel ashamed about it. It hurts me to leave, but I know it is best for me. Of course he was not happy at all (which is always nice to hear), but he could very well understand my decision. We talked about the travel time before, and he knew I wasn´t happy with the situation. So he was a little prepared for this moment to come. After my meeting with him I spoke with the manager of the secretary poule, and she was quite surprised although she too knew I wasn´t happy. She immediately took action to find a replacement and guess what.....we already found someone. One of my colleagues is very eager to replace me and I am very happy about that. It makes leaving the firm (or actually my boss) a bit easier. I don´t have another job yet. I first want to take a month or two off, so I can decide what I want to do.


Miranda said...

Good for you you made the decission!
I hope you can relax a bit now!

Brigitta said...

this must have been so hard Ingrid!! I'm very impressed with the fact that you had the courage to do this. Take some time off now, enjoy being at home with hubby and the girls for a while and things will come your way!!!