Friday, April 6, 2007


When I went through the gallery on Two Peas in a Bucket today I came across a layout that looked pretty familiar to me. I opened the layout and was totally surprised to read that one used one of my layouts for a challenge on a French message board. Some of you may remember this layout of Sanne I made for a Dutch challenge in December.

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It is my favorite layout, but I had never thought it would be good enough to be used for a scraplift challenge. I use other people's work for inspiration as well, but I must say it is a pretty weird experience for me to see that my work is scraplifted by others. I have only been scrapping for a year, so I am a little flattered.

Here are the two scraplifts.

Layout Calexandra

Layout Gwen


Here's another scraplift by Daniela sent to me by Alexandra (Calexandra). I really like the bright colors. The circles are created with paint, but it looks like patterned paper.

Not much else going on at the moment. I am working on a few mini books in parallel, but since I haven't finished any of the books I can't show you anything yet.


LeeAnn said...

wow, just love those! I wish I had the time to do such intricate work! Of all of those, I have to say, I think yours is the best! hehehe!!!!

Miranda said...

You should be flattered! But... your lo stays the most beautiful, I think!

Brigitta said...

you already know I think this is a fantastic LO ;-) I see a dt position coming up for you girl ;-)

Alexandra 44 said...

thank to give me the link of your blog.
the scraplift we can do of your page must be to do with paint only,and not paper.
i email you another page of daniela, it is marvellous...
and miranda is alright I prefer your page at mine

Ingen said...

Wat ben je toch een gekkie :-) Je weet nu toch wel dat iedereen je werk super vindt!

Gwenaelle said...

Thanks a lot for your fantastic Lo. It was so great to be inspired by you.

Ingrid said...

@ Alexandra: I would love to receive the page made by Daniela.

Noelia said...

I would so lift this too! Your LO is lovely and lively! You should be so proud!