Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Only for 1 Day

Eric was the proud "owner" of this Aston Martin DB9 for just 1 day. What a car! He came home a little earlier, so we could drive a few miles together. It is a beautiful car, but absolutely not my style. Of course I can't afford such a car, but even if I had millions in my bank account I wouldn't buy this car. There are other brands that I like more. However, it was fun to drive the Aston Martin. A dream came true......for Eric.


Brigitta said...

I would LOVE a car like that, I think it's soooo classy, I'll just keep on dreaming hahaha

Ellemieke said...

Isn't it fun having a car like that for just one day? A couple of weeks ago, we had a BMW Z4 for one day! We had lots of fun driving in it!

Noelia said...

That car is HOT like Paris Hilton would say lol!
Enjoy it even if it's just for one day!

Happy Easter!

Je@net said...

Ooooh, da's een auto met wel een heel hoog WAUW"-gehalte" Ingrid!! Moet heerlijk geweest zijn om daarin rond te toeren!!!
Verwacht dus binnenkort wel wat "snelle" lootjes!!