Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mother's Day gifts

The best gifts you can get as a mother are the handmade gifts by your children. I like the days before Mother's Day when they come home with the gifts from school. They really do their best to keep it a secret and hide their gift, but it is not always easy. I really love the gifts they made this year.

The poem (in Dutch) they both learned in school

Lieve mama,

Mama, blijf maar liggen - het mag, ja het mag
mama, vandaag is het moederdag
Blijf maar lekker liggen - je hoeft niets te doen
hier is een pakje en hier is een zoen

Fleur's gift - a necklace of velvet ribbon and clothes-pins

Sanne's gift - a heart-shaped memo clip holder

Fleur's art

Sanne's Art

And gift coupons of Dolls & Decorations.


Brigitta said...

this is sooo sweet Ingrid. my dd is too old for schoolmade gifts, but this year she brought me a showerpuff and some gorgeous apricotsmelling showergel, all the way from Barcelona. Love what you made for your mother!!

MaMaLoT said...

I totally know what you mean Ingrid, this year I got my very first handmade present and I just got tears in my eyes...
Love what your girls made you! And those coupons are not bad either... ;)

Lilian Schneider said...

O this is so cute Ingrid! Isn't that necklace just gorgeouw, uou have to wear it! Of course the gift vertificates are nice, but there's nothing that can compete with those handmade stuff!

Je@net said...

Aaaah, wat een lieve cadeautjes!! Heerlijk om zo verwend te worden!!

Lilian Schneider said...

I meant 'gorgeous'and 'you' and 'certificates', sorry, I was typing to fast;-).

Janny said...

wat een lief gedichtje Ingrid en de kadootjes zijn ook zo mooi gemaakt, dit zijn toch echt de mooiste kadootjes!!