Friday, December 22, 2006

TGI Friday

I am so glad that it is Friday, and that I will be off work for 2 weeks. This week was so, so busy. Since we have kids December is busier than ever as the girls both have their birthday this month. Sanne will turn 4 on December 24th, and we threw her a little birthday party for the girls in her new class last Wednesday. All the girls had lots of fun and so did I, but I hardly had time to relax that day. I also had to scrap a little Christmas gift for the teachers in school and in nursery this week as well as an invitation for Fleur's birthday party. Yesterday Fleur had the annual Christmas dinner at school, and I made her favorite sausage rolls. This morning I did the grocery shopping for Christmas. I didn't have to buy that much food as we will be with my parents on 1st Christmas Day and only have my MIL over for dinner on the 2nd day. Needless to say the shops were crowded. December is a nice and cosy month, but I am always glad when it is over.


Monique said...

Wat ontzettend leuk die slideshow met die sneeuwpop!! Ziet er erg leuk uit!!!

Groetjes Monique

L4a said...

Gefeliciteerd met jullie kleine grote meid!!!!!!!!!!!

Groetjes, Elvira