Saturday, May 24, 2008

Remember This Layout?

Do you remember this layout? It can now also be found here. How COOL is that? Thanks to Layle Koncar from Scenic Route who made an exception as they usually only add projects to the gallery designed by (guest) DT members or winners of the monthly challenges.

Sanne started her swimming lessons in February and last Friday she got a 'yellow note' - don't know what she did with it so I can't scan it - telling her that she is on to the next level. I was completely surprised and hadn't expect it all. Last week her instructor told me she had to improve her leg technique so I thought it would take a few more weeks. Needless to say, Sanne was thrilled.

The girls got back their school photo. Again I am not impressed by the quality and colors - and the scan even makes it worse - but I like these photos. The photos were taken 3 days before Fleur lost her 4th tooth, and a week after Sanne had injured her nose.

Due to personal circumstances I haven't been very creative this week, but yesterday I started on a few cards. The first two cards ended up in the trash bin, but the third one seems to turn out okay. I might be able to show some creations tomorrow. can still guess when my counter hits the 50,000 mark. Deadline is tomorrow at midnight (CET). You can leave a comment here.

Once again, thank you all so much for your sweet comments. Enjoy your weekend!


Lisette said...

I'm thinking of you Ingrid, and totally understand creativity isn't at a high. xox

Hilde Janbroers said...

congrats with your layout on the scenic route site!

~Nancy~ said...

A biiiiig YAY on your TOOT girlie.. how cool is that.. and I can totally see why Layle made an exception for your page!!!! And the pics of the girls are gorgeous!!! Hope you're doing ok! Sending you big hugs! Nancy

Anja (scrappie) said...

Wauw gaaf hoor om je lay-out bij scenic route te zien. Die schoolfoto's zijn altijd weer meoeilijk maar o zo dierbaar en zeker op deze manier als ze zulke periodes meemaken.
Hopelijk gaat alles verder goed met je en zien we snel weer dingen van je verschijnen.

Wendy said...

wat ontzettend leuk dat je lay-out bij scenic route te zien is hij is prachtig.

Leuke foto's van Sanne en Fleur.

Ik hoop dat alles goed met je gaat
miste je al op je blog en het forum.

Dikke knuffel

Monique said...

Wow, ain't that great- to be in the SR gallery!? Congrats girl!
Your girls look beautiful on the school photo's; don't bother missing teeth or injured nose ;)
Wishing you the very best! xxx

Ingen said...

Ik had het gevoel dat er iets niet helemaal in orde is met je omdat je veel minder lijkt te posten op het Dolls forum. Dus even een kijkje op de blog genomen en daar schijf je inderdaad dat er iets is. Ik hoop dat het niet al te erg is en dat je snel weer de oude zult zijn. Sterkte!

Diane said...

Hi! First of all congrats to be in the SR-gallery! I really love that LO! Hopefully everything is okay with you. Best wishes!!

Je@net said...

Zooo, da's gaaf zeg! Gefeliciteerd Ingrid!
En wat een leuke foto's van je meiden!
Sterkte waar nodig!

Nicky said...

gaaf van je showing at scenic route! maar dik verdiend hoor!
ik vind de foto's van je meisjes ook mooi! juist geweldig dat ze erop staan precies zoals t ging, zonder tand, met beschadiging, whatever, t hoort erbij!

Hanneke said...

Supergaaf, dus toch echt op DE site!! Verdiend hoor!!!

Ik den aan je! Take care!

Liefs, Hanneke

Rozella said...

Wat gaaf je publiciteit en de foto's van de meiden vind ik wel leuk. En leuk ook het haar omhoog bij Fleur. Staat haar goed....Je weet het al maar ik wens je veel liefs toe. Rozella

Frumpies world said...

OMG what a great schoolpictures eventhough the quality isn't all that. Congrats on being published on the Scenic Route site, you must have been thrilled when you found out about it! Wish you all the best and you know you're in my thought too.xxxWendy.