Saturday, June 23, 2007

1 Down, 4 to go

Talking about photo swaps here. I have committed myself to do a photo swap with 5 different people. No. 1 on my to do list is Mandy. We already exchanged photos in April, but so far hadn't started on our layout. Mandy finished her layout last week, and I still had to start. I began with my layout last weekend, but all of a sudden I had to deal with a scrappers block. Mandy is a member of the Memory Lane Scrapbooking DT, and that made me a little nervous. She makes wonderful layouts and mini books, and her style is different from mine. I was "glad" to hear she dealt with the same nervousness. LOL! My first attempt was a failure. I had an idea in mind, but for some reason it didn't work out on paper. I tried to work on the layout this week, but really NOTHING came out of my hands. Last night I started all over again, and this time it all went very well. I just added the final details and now it is ready. I am pretty happy with the result, and hopefully Mandy will be happy with it too. I have to leave you with 2 sneak peeks as Mandy left for her holiday destination early this morning. She will be back about 2 weeks, and we agreed to post our layouts online as soon as she is back.

Now that this one is finished I can finally start on the photo swap for my sister-in-law Lisette. She finished my layout a few weeks ago, but since I had some deadlines to meet for the Design Team call, my work for the quarterly scrap kit and some make & takes I haven't had time yet to work on hers. This one will be quite a challenge too. We agreed to scrap on 8.5x11" - which I have never done before - and like Mandy Lisette also has a great and different style, so this one won't be easy either. I am sure I will manage, but it may cause me some blood, sweat and tears again.


MaMaLoT said...

It looks very good Ingrid, and since I think you ALWAYS make beautiful things, I'm sure Mandy would love your layout! :)

Je@net said...

Heee, gooi die twijfels maar overboord hoor!!
Moet de dag nog mee maken dat je met iets komt, dat echt niet mooi is!!
Deze sneak ziet er in elk geval weer heeeeeeeeeeel mooi uit!!

Marga said...

Ohhhhhhhh, super met al die stukjes en zoveel kleur!!!!!!!! Prachtig!!!!

*Fauve* said...

Dont you worry,every scrapper his this once in a while!!(When your pregnant...All the time!)But i Love the sneaks and i think Mandy will love the lo you made her.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh dit beloofd weer wat Ingrid!

Grt Hanneke

Janny said...

ziet er weer erg leuk uit Ingrid, mooie kleuren heb je in elk geval weer gebruikt! ben benieuwd naar het geheel.